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Accessories and covers

Matching accessories and album covers.

There are many matching accessories, such as the small format printed albums, a practical and easy to transport version which can turn into a thoughtful present.

  • Wedding Box: a modern case to preserve and showcase your album: it can be shared with friends and family as you please. The Wedding Box can be customised with logos, initials or images.
  • Iro Box: it’s an innovative box with a UBS drive that contains even the high resolution files of your wedding and extra prints 10x15cm that you can treasure forever.


There is also a broad variety of album covers. You will be able to customise your album in every little detail.
Fotorotastudio offers a lot of materials, such as: leather, silk, fabric, felt, printed fabrics and much more.

There’s a broad variety in our covers range. You can order and customise every detail of your album.