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IRO Series

IRO album: a line including Book and matching wooden Box.
IRO Album is a new, modern, innovative album line which has been especially conceived to challenge the traditional appearance of wedding albums.
The design, the outstanding quality and the exceptional print allow to create truly unique and special books.

IRO is rightfully included in the LUXURY ALBUMS collection of Fotorotastudio as it offers an extraordinary product to all our customers.

The album is made up of a maximum of 35 double pages (70 pages) which allows you to insert many images.
The size, number of pages and cover can also be chosen after the wedding, after having visualised the photographs taken.
The “ultra slim” version changes the appearance and the dimension of the wedding album.
The wooden box allows you to store, preserve and easily display the book at home. This way your wedding album turns into a decorative accessory.

IRO is embellished with carefully selected details such as the magnetic USB key embedded in the BOX so that you will be able to access your wedding files every time you want. The square tag with the bride and groom’s names or a graphic logo.
The inner ribbon always customised. The possibility to engrave the newlyweds’ names on the leather covers.
In our showroom you will have the opportunity to choose the ideal cover for your IRO.

Choose quality and innovation with the LUXURY albums of Fotorotastudio.