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Ivan Redaelli

Born in Lecco in 1982, Ivan boasts over 15 years of photographic experience.
Photography has always been his main passion and his professional career started in 2003. After completing secondary school and getting a degree in IT, Ivan attended a year long fashion photography course at the European Institute of Design in Milan, followed by several photographic workshops with the most prominent names in the field. He specialised in reportage and post-production techniques. He has moved into wedding photography after having worked in various other fields: studio, fashion, still life.
He has been one of Fotorotastudio’s assets for 10 years and many of his works are published in magazines and newspapers. He also produces portraits, social documentaries, theatre photography and delivers photographic courses.

Ivan pursues a reportage approach to wedding photography. Constantly searching for candid, emotional shots he has continuous success in achieving this objective.
With the passing of time his photographic practice has changed a lot and is still evolving. His curiosity and desire to improve encourages him to try new techniques and technology.
His main goal is to raise emotions through his images.