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Mauro Parma

Mauro was born 1981 near Milan. While at University, studying communication and cinema, he became fond of photography.
In 2008 he decided to dig deeper into the photography world turning a passion into a professional career.
The comparison with other photographers and the experience in different photographic scopes allowed him to grow and develop a personal style.
Today he is a freelance photographer constantly training himself. He has mainly focussed on wedding reportages, food and commercial photography but he also instinctively explores any area that catches his attention and allows him to tell stories and express his taste and point of view. He has been collaborating with Fotorotastudio for a long time.

Photography became the perfect excuse to look around, deeper and longer than usual. With his sincere and ironic documentary angle he narrates life, festive and intimate moments.
A “personal” need turned into a documentary statement that witness the present and preserves it for the future.