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LOVE IT! BLACK&WHITE photography

The love and passion for B&W photographs has returned. A unique and unmistakable style, the eternal, everlasting charm of the old days. B&W images have always caught the attention of the viewer, drawing their eyes to the subject photographed. The shades of grey, the bright white and the strong black create sharp contrasts between light and shadow.

Fotorotastudio images are well known for their distinct B&W post-production.
In the early days of our business, when we used to print the photographs in our dark room, we became expert in post-production techniques and we have continued to experiment using different techniques, in order to achieve the most striking images.

One can only fully appreciate the quality of a good B&W image once it is printed. In our wedding albums we guarantee the best result of B&W photographs.
If you would like to see our prints, feel free to book an appointment with no obligation at our Studio in Lecco.