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Our broad selection of photographic albums will allow you to treasure your wedding memories for a lifetime.

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The unique and unmistakable style offered by our Studio makes our photographic albums and videos dramatically stand out.
We always guarantee the highest quality and care. The attention to detail in all of our prestigious products has always been one of the main priorities of our team.


Fotorotastudio’s exclusive albums for your wedding

Fotorotastudio’s albums stand out for their unique and unmistakable style as well as the highest quality and care. The attention to details of our prestigious products has always been one of the main priorities of our Studio.
Demand the best for your wedding.


Choose one of our albums: it is a great privilege to share the printed photographs and the memories of one of the most beautiful days of your life with your loved ones.
Amongst the different styles, you can choose the elegant “LUX” or the modern “IRO” line.
Many sizes are available: 30x40cm, 30x30cm, 35x35cm, 24x36cm, 40x40cm.
For your album cover there is also a wide variety of materials such as fabrics, leather, silk and much more.

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Quality and attention to details in each step of the manufacturing process

Our staff will guide you through the different steps of the manufacturing process and you will decide how to customise your wedding album.

You will have the opportunity to comfortably select the images from a PC or tablet; the album size and the number of pages; the cover from a wide variety of colours, models and matching accessories; the completely customised layout with its elegant and dynamic graphic and the possibility to visualise a preview on a screen or “online” before printing. In order to guarantee the best print result all the images are retouched and optimised. In addition, you can choose to print on matte or gloss paper with UV filter or metal.
Our careful checking process guarantees the highest print quality.

Covers with exclusive materials

Every album is fully customisable in terms of materials, colours and details.
Even after the wedding you can choose amongst over a hundred different covers with plenty of colour shades, from white and neutral colours to the most intense and vibrant ones. You can also adapt small details to your taste, such as: the tag with your names engraved, your initials in relief or an elegant image on the cover.
A new album collection boasting precious materials such as leather and exclusively coloured fabrics, has been conceived and produced especially for

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Matching Albums, Wedding BOX, Gallery Web

With the Fotorotastudio’s promotional packages you will receive the matching accessories such as the “wedding box” an elegant, rigid box to store and display your album. The “wedding box” is fully customisable in terms of graphic, photos and wording. You can also choose the colour of the back cover and the silk ribbon.
The matching albums for the families. Two albums printed on photographic paper which replicate the whole wedding album in a graceful and practical format.
It is also possible to print a photo on fabric for the cover.
The “web gallery” is a website displaying a selection of the best photos of your wedding that you can share with friends and family straight after your wedding. The “web gallery” can be accessed from any PC or mobile device.

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Print straight on wood and many other materials

With Fotorota Service you can decorate your house with customised prints on several different materials, such as fabric, aluminium, PVC and the new, elegant print on wood. “Tilia” is a print made directly on wood where your wedding photographs are embellished by an elegant frame.
The available sizes are 70x70cm – 100x70cm – 140x70cm.
It is also possible to request the sole print without frame or select a customised frame amongst different colours and finishing.

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New IRO albums collection

The original design, the best materials and the highest level of artisanal manufacturing. Unique customisation possibilities. Delivered in an elegant display coffer with over 50 colours and materials, fabrics and exclusive details.

Elegant and customisable details

A new album collection amongst the most prestigious ones. The stainless steel tag, the USB keys, the ribbon, the dry stamp, will turn your wedding album into a prestigious and unique piece.

A new album collection amongst the most prestigious one

The album is like a precious jewel displayed in an elegant, see-through case, with innovative and exclusive covers and materials.

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National and International awards and recognitions. At Fotorotastudio we collaborate with the most prominent associations and companies in the field, in order to offer only the best service to our clients.