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Villa Perego

Villa Perego in Cremnago, owned by the Perego family, is an evocative ancient estate dating back to the 18th century. The location has been hosting the most elegant events for over thirty years. Its diverse rooms allow you to choose those spaces most suited to your requirements, making it the perfect location for your wedding.

Spaces and capacity
The Villa is located at Cremnago d’Inverigo (CO). The little church in the villa’s gardens makes this location an ideal one to celebrate unforgettable events. Near the villa there is also a lemon orchard that can fit about 200 people for lunch or dinner; otherwise receptions and aperitifs can be set in the beautiful garden at the front.
Around the villa there are also ample porches and a wide terrace overlooking the town square. There is also a tennis court and a football pitch to delight the sporty guests.